Most businesses use barriers to prevent unauthorized entry into buildings, specific areas of buildings, as well as parking areas.

Easy to install, handy to maintain and safe to use.

Wide is the new Nice road barrier system: easy to install, handy to maintain and safe to use. Thanks to its modular bars and the new bar joint, Wide is an extremely simple and flexible system that can cover passages from 3 up to 7 m. This road barrier can be installed to regulate access to residential parking areas, small commercial buildings, or underground parking.

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NICE Barriers

Founded in the early 1990s in Oderzo, Nice designs are the number one choice in the management of integrated automation systems, thanks to a complete variety of smart and user-friendly products like gates, garage doors, road barriers, awnings and shutters for residential, commercial and industrial buildings combining technological innovation and design to offer products that are extremely simple to use.