Account Manager V3.0

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Account Manager is the programming environment that allows administrators to manage user’s data on AE-I, AE-II and AM-2 access control systems. It offers a controlled programming environment that only allows users data to be modified hiding essential configuration settings from being configured incorrectly. 

Account Manager allows the programming of block transmitters and cards, entry codes telephone directories, times zones, holidays and user groups. A feature that generates reports based on systems data is offered and allows for the generation of systems, card blocks, transmitter blocks, telephone directory codes and event log reports. 

Programming the systems is done via a local serial port or remote dial-up modem. A backup feature allows the backup of data in case of emergencies or to reprogram other units.

Here's a list of its main features:

  • Controlled programming environment allows only to modify users data and keeps system configuration safe
  • Local programming via a local serial port or remotely via dial-up modem
  • Allows the generation of user's data reports
  • Runs on the majority of Windows operating systems

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