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AccessBase is the programming environment that allows you to fully utilize all of the features and benefits of your Linear access control system.

AccessBase is a distributed database program.  Each node (or controller) located within a network contains the necessary information in order to make decisions about adding cardholders and access rights.

If a controller within a network is disabled for any reason, all other controllers within the network will continue to function.  As a result, the host computer must perform all programming.  It is not necessary for the host computer / AccessBase to be running for the system to function.  It is only necessary to connect to the system to monitor activities in real time, make changes, such as adding or deleting cardholders, download event logs, etc.

Here's a list of its main features:

  • Program and maintain installations that contain Linear's AM-3 and AE-1000 plus access control systems
  • Network up to eight AM-3s or AE-100s (in any combination) within the installations
  • Control doors or gates from a remote location
  • Monitor the status of the installation in real time
  • Generate filtered event log reports and various system reports

System Requirements:

  • This version of AccessBase is designed for any of the following operating systems:
    • Windows 98
    • Windows ME
    • Windows NT
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP

Although not designed for Windows Vista it has been successfully used on it. Please follow these instructions if using on Windows Vista systems

Windows Vista Instructions

Hardware requirements:

  • Pentium II/450MHz or greater
  • 64MB RAM or greater
  • 50MB free disk space (20MB for each installation)
  • 800 x 600 SVGA video minimum
  • CD-ROM for installing the program from CD
  • 56K BPS modem or greater for remote programming
  • Serial port for local programming

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