Automatic Control Technology

Automatic Control Technology (ACT) is an affiliated company of Automatic Equipment, Inc. which has been providing quality access control sales in Puerto Rico for the past 32 years. Both companies have earned an outstanding reputation for their expertise and ability to deliver efficient solutions which meet and exceed customer's needs. Additionally, both companies are part of a third generation family business locally owned and operated in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Automatic Control Technology was founded in 1996 to provide high technology solutions to a broad variety of customers in a diversity of markets. As systems integrators we'll provide improved security solutions to its customer's needs.

We will proceed into the new century with our 32-year heritage of quality service and innovation in the field of security and combine it with growth and expansion into new markets. We will achieve this objective through the determined and dedicated effort of all our employees, and by continuing to follow sound business principles. Automatic Control Technology willingness to work with customers and meet their design and performance requirements has forged strong relationships with our business partners.


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